Thy Kingdom Come

Overcoming in a Failing Economy

This highly informative new book and an account that discusses economic and financial instability, the controversies behind the Federal Reserve System, and how to achieve economic and financial success through the Word of God.

The Bible clearly defines how and where we are to “invest” money in order to create a true non-diversified single indestructible account. This book provides clear guidance for achieving these economic goals.

Among the controversies about the current money system in the United States, the most contentious is Jekyll Island or the Federal Reserve System. Ever since the organizations have been formed, the debt in and of the United States continues to rise. The American people are like sheep being led to the slaughter and the bankers greed will not be fulfilled until America wakes up homeless on the ground their forefathers built.

Learn how to break free from this cycle by recognizing the deceit and trickery that is the root of all evil. Current events are changing fast; a socialistic New World Order is being primed and the middle class will disappear.

You will learn:

  • The origin of the current money system and where it’s going…
  • The planned failure of the system and why they WANT you in debt…
  • How America has exchanged the golden calf in exodus for the Wall Street bull…
  • Barak Obama – What is his role in the coming economic meltdown?
  • Globalization and why the North American Union was really created…
  • How the current money system is a counterfeit Anointing…
  • What is the kingdom of this world and the Kingdom of God?
  • How to get out of a system you were never designed to be a part of…
  • How to Break free and overcome in Gods ordained system…

Do you really believe you are free?

This book has been reviewed by many political, spiritual and various prominent people who all agree: It is life changing, mind altering and definitely a book to read!

This book has been reviewed by many political, spiritual and various prominent people who all agree: It is life changing, mind altering and definitely a book to read!

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Thy Kingdom Come

Overcoming in a failing economy


The bible says owe no man anything but to Love him……


There are three types of conquest

Number 1 – war

Captives hate and rise up against the aggressors and it takes too much force and money to maintain a situation where you have taken a nation captive by war.


Second – religious conquest

But by nature, religion lacks military force to regain control once the captives are disillusioned.


The third form is economic conquest –

            Place the people under tribute

            With no visible force (No marching armies, no secret police, no bombs, no guns) take them captive by requiring tribute of them. By requiring them to pay you interest.


Tribute is collected by legal debts and taxes, therefore those that are paying them, believe they are paying them for their own good and the good of others and to protect them from some “unseen enemy”


The captors become the benefactors and the protectors.

In other words.. you’re paying tribute for what you believe to be as protection.

Does that sound like organized crime to you?

But you never looked at interest that way…


..... Why do you think that the average citizen gets solicited for at minimum eight credit cards a year, regardless of their credit scores? They don’t care… they make money whether you pay or default… it’s their system!


...... Make no mistake; the bankers will legally own everything under the entire United States in years to come. It will get more pressing with the rise of the new global banking system.  It is time for you to think differently and get yourself, your kids and everyone who will listen to you out of the system.


You’re on the wrong side of this equation. This paradigm has got to change!

It’s time that the wealth of the sinner, gets transferred into the hands of the just!

Stop the credit now.. get out of debt… Just FREEZE right where you are!!


There are some free tools available this website for you to get out of debt and bondage to this system. Rapid debt reduction, credit cleaning and wealth building tools for you to take advantage of and use to assist you in getting out of this worlds system. These tools are proven techniques to get out of debt extremely fast, no matter where you are financially. God wants you out of debt and out of the system.


In this book we discuss and learn about the worlds system, the lies and deceit you have been feeding on, and Gods system, His Kingdom, His way of operation. As you get out of debt and bondage and enter into Gods system, I guarantee you will see progress, not only financially, but in every area of your life like you never could have imagined before.


Download it now here FREE for a limited time.